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"Helping the community to help themselves!"

The Swivel Foundation is deeply committed to uplifting disadvantaged communities, guided by the belief in offering ourselves the means to empower them. Over the years, we have conducted numerous impactful initiatives across Sri Lanka. During the country’s economic crisis, we provided critical support to disenfranchised families, offering donations and immediate relief to alleviate financial strains. Education is a central pillar of our work, evident in our efforts to distribute schoolbooks and stationery, making education more accessible during challenging times. 

We prioritise environmental preservation through initiatives like beach clean-ups under our Planet Initiative, highlighting the significance of community well-being and environmental stewardship. We have actively participated in charity runs, raising awareness and funds for causes like cancer. Additionally, we undertook a meaningful two-day project in the central highlands, delivering essential supplies to an underprivileged school in low-income tea estates, positively impacting the lives of children and reinforcing our commitment to education and community welfare. 

April 28, 2023

Two-Day Outreach to Yahalawella Vidyalaya, Ella

The newly formed Swivel Foundation committee took part in the biggest project for the first part of 2023, with a 2-day outreach programme in the central mountains of Ella, taking stationery, books, shoes and sanitary napkins to an underprivileged school located within low-income tea estates.


“Nurtured by local talent, nurturing local communities”

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“Nurtured by local talent, nurturing local communities”

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